Aquaala is a long lasting insulated bottle with 2 primary goals in mind; to keep the environment clean by eliminating the single use plastic bottles, and to offer you a fancy bottle with functional tech that reminds you to hydrate.

This sleek bottle itself is a bold style statement. With a variety of colors and patterns, Aquaala is the perfect accessory for you to carry everyday. Furthermore, the cap of the bottle contains a touchscreen with various hi-tech features that enhance your hydration experience. 

We believe that the tech included in the cap are 3 of the most important things for Aquaala. First off, the cap tells you the temperature of your beverage. Even though this bottle will keep cold things cold and hot things hot, the added clarity keeps your beverage temperature anxiety at ease. Secondly, the cap offers reminders that it’s time for another sip. Most importantly, the cap uses UV light to purify your drink.

Aquaala is designed and created with hopes that these features combined with our colorway variety will motivate you to live sustainably and actively participate in a healthy lifestyle.